Tummy tucks and liposuction are excellent procedures for losing extra weight, but they may not achieve your desired toned and contoured physique. The Downingtown Emsculpt NEO treatment eliminates the stubborn fat pockets on specific areas such as your arms and buttocks, giving you an attractive silhouette.

How Emsculpt NEO works

Emsculpt NEO is a device that emits high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency simultaneously to eliminate unwanted fat and promote muscle growth. This technique encompasses two forms of treatment in one, targeting both fat and muscle simultaneously. Emsculpt is nonsurgical and can benefit people with a BMI of up to 35. This procedure is excellent for people looking for a well-contoured physique without interfering with their busy schedules or battling long recovery.

The technique works by destroying the unwanted fat cells and stimulating muscle contraction. The Emsculpt NEO device emits radiofrequency energy to destroy the subcutaneous fat while your body naturally eliminates it from your system. At the same time, the high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy stimulates muscle fiber contractions, giving you a toned silhouette.

The number of Emsculpt NE-YP treatments you need

The MELORA Health & Enhancement team understands that everybody has unique needs, so while one person may be content with one treatment session, another may require several treatments to achieve the desired outcome. While one treatment session results in considerable fat reduction, you may need several treatments to achieve optimal and long-lasting results. During your initial appointment at the practice, your provider discusses your goals and expectations before conducting a thorough physical exam to determine your eligibility for the procedure. Afterward, they develop an individualized treatment plan.

Considering that Emsculpt NEO is a safe, non-invasive procedure, you can schedule with your provider for maintenance treatments annually to maintain your gorgeous appearance. Although this treatment results in fat reduction, it is not a substitute for weight loss surgery or liposuction. Exercise and diet are the most natural and effective ways to achieve your goals. Emsculpt only allows you to enhance your contours and attain the coveted Hollywood-standard physique. After your treatment, the team may advise you to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain your results.

Areas that Emsculpt NEO can address

During your initial appointment, your provider may discuss the areas you would like addressed before developing the treatment plan. This treatment is more effective on your abdomen, calves, arms, and buttocks. The treatment doesn’t require prior preparation, and you are free to embark on your daily schedule at the end of the session. Unlike surgical procedures like tummy tucks and liposuction, Emsculpt NEO is painless and doesn’t need a lengthy recovery period. Additionally, there is no hospital and no downtime with this cutting-edge procedure. Many patients report experiencing a pulling sensation, but the team at MELORA Health & Enhancement also regulates the level of intensity of your treatment. You will not require to be anesthetized since the procedure is painless.

To learn more about Emsulpt NEO, call the MELORA Health & Enhancement office or schedule an appointment online.

By Alexander James

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