What makes women beautiful is that they have certain enhanced features such as breasts. If you are a woman, you would not want to lose your breasts because they show your femaleness. Also, breasts play an important role in sexual activities. Breast removal because of breast cancer affects you emotionally and psychologically, and that is why Matthew J. Lynch, MD is the best East Windsor, NJ, breast reconstructive surgeon. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your appearance anymore because there is a solution in New Jersey. In this article, we will review the process of getting back your breast after a mastectomy. 

Removal and Reconstruction of Breasts

Once the oncology specialist recommends that you have to undergo a mastectomy to get rid of breast cancer and you agree, it means you will lose either whole or part of your breasts. If you want to get back your breast or breasts, you will need to discuss the same with your mastectomy surgeon on whether you will undergo breast reconstruction immediately or later. Breast reconstruction is a procedure undertaken to reestablish your breast. You do not have to struggle with losing self-esteem and confidence for long after losing your breasts through a mastectomy. 

Who Qualifies For Breast Reconstruction?

If you have struggled with breast cancer and no treatment seems to work, you will undergo breast removal through breast cancer surgery. Once the surgeon removes the breast, you immediately qualify for breast reconstruction. 

Secondly, if, based on your genetics, you are predisposed to cancer, you can decide to prevent the occurrence rather than taking chances to cure it and have your breast removed. Once you undergo mastectomy, you can immediately undergo breast reconstruction. 

What To Expect During Reconstruction

Once you decide to get breast reconstruction, you will visit a surgeon and discuss your expectations and goals. The surgeon will discuss the different options, conduct a physical examination, and take pictures of your breasts. You will have to disclose whether you are under medications and the number of surgeries done on your breasts during the consultation. After you have discussed all the options, the surgeon will schedule an appointment. 

You will be under anesthesia during the surgery, and the surgeon will proceed with breast reconstruction. If you choose to have implants, the surgery will place the implants on your chest. If you choose the flap procedure, the surgeon will take tissue from a designated part of your body and place it on your chest. Then the surgeon inserts a tube under your skin to drain off fluid and blood during recovery. 

After the procedure, you will have to stay at the hospital for a week as the healthcare professionals monitor your healing process. You will also wear a surgical bra to support your breasts during the healing process and prevent inflammation. The doctor will also prescribe pain medication to help you deal with the pain. During the discharge process, you will receive advice on how to take care of the breast until it heals. 

Therefore, breast reconstruction allows you to get natural-looking breasts within a few weeks; whether you have undergone a mastectomy as a treatment or preventative strategy, Matthew J. Lynch, MD, provides seamless breast reconstruction services. Book an appointment today. 

By Alexander James

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