Missing or severely decayed teeth can significantly impact your appearance and self-confidence. Fortunately, DNTL Studio offers dental implants that provide a sturdy foundation for a dental crown or bridge, restoring optimal functionality of your mouth and the appearance of your smile. Their high success rates and long-lasting results have made Upland dental implants popular for people looking to restore their smiles and confidence.

Determining your eligibility for dental implants

Dental implants are an effective solution for missing or severely decayed teeth, although only some are eligible to get them. During your appointment at DNTL Studio, your provider may discuss your dental concerns, perform a thorough oral exam and review your dental history. They may assess your bone density to ensure it is strong enough to support your implants. If you lack adequate bone, your provider may suggest a bone grafting procedure before implant surgery. The team may also evaluate your overall health. If you’re undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy or have chronic medical disorders such as diabetes, or you smoke, you may not be eligible for the treatment. If you also have gum disease, you may need treatment first before qualifying for dental implants.

What to expect during the dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is a complex treatment that requires preparation and planning. During the procedure, your doctor will administer local anesthesia or IV sedation to prevent you from experiencing any discomfort. Afterward, they will create an incision in your gum tissue and a hole into your jawbone to create space for implant placement. Once the implant is in place, your physician will stitch your gum tissue back together and send you home to allow the prosthesis to heal and integrate with your jawbone over a few months.

After a few months, you will return to the facility for your second appointment, during which your provider will attach an abutment to your implant. Afterward, you will need a few weeks to heal before the team attaches a bridge or dental crown to restore your complete and aesthetically pleasing smile. The team customizes your crown or bridge to fit snuggly in your mouth and improve your speech and ability to chew. Dental implant surgery requires several months to complete, most of the time going into healing.

How to care for your teeth

Before sending you home, your dentist may give you instructions on caring for your implants to increase their durability. The team may recommend brushing your implants twice daily using fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Hard bristles can damage the surface of your implants, minimizing their lifespan.

They may also advise you to quit habits that exert excessive pressure on your implants, such as opening bottles with your teeth or biting down on hard objects. These habits can lower the integrity of your implant or loosen it. Additionally, it’s crucial to quit smoking or using any tobacco products as they contain harmful substances that can result in implant complications. Finally, eat a healthy diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure your oral health and increase the lifespan of your implants.

If you have missing or severely decayed teeth, call the DNTL Studio or book an appointment online for dental implants.

By Alexander James

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