Taking your young ones to dental checkups can be a stressful job. It takes a toll on parents as many children have built up resistance and fear of dentists. Consulting a Wichita falls dentist is the best option for regular checkups, as they provide a great range of oral healthcare services. Though it is a tedious task for parents, there are several ways one can motivate their children to visit their dentist and make the visits more fun. 

  1. Start dental visits early.

The best way to remove fear among children of dental visits is to expose them to dental visits from an early age. This helps them get used to it, and the chances of them being scared of it get smaller.

  1. Practicing good oral health at home.

It is true that introducing dental care to your children and educating them about practicing oral hygiene instills positive values in them and reduces anxiety and fear. They learn to enjoy this instead of being forced to do it, which is very good.

  1. Avoid using negative words or scare tactics.

It is suggested that using negative words or describing dental visits as a very scary or painful experience can be detrimental to the child’s emotions. It can scare them away without even trying it themselves. 

  1. Play pretend dentist at home.

It is a beneficial way to reduce dental anxiety among children by making the experience fun and breaking the stigma around scary visits. You can start by setting up a dentist mirror or toy dental kit. This is the best way to introduce your child to dental procedures and get the chance to explain them in a way that does not involve fear.

  1. Comfort toys.

If your child has a favorite toy or anything that helps comfort him during uncomfortable situations, try taking it with you during your dental visits. You can let your child hold onto it during stressful procedures. They are an easy remedy for distracting children as well.

  1. Stay by their side in the dentist’s room.

It is essential to acknowledge that your children seek comfort in you when surrounded by unknown people. Your presence can be very soothing and can put your child at ease. A lot of children start panicking when they lose sight of their parents. You can avoid it by staying close to them and providing them with a source of comfort.

  1. Try staying calm and relaxed.

Children often take emotional cues from their parents. Therefore, it is necessary to try to appear calm and collected in front of them instead of panicking, so they do not pick up on your emotions and start mirroring them.

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.