Emergency medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the care of patients who present to the emergency department. It is a medical specialty that focuses on the immediate decision making and action necessary to minimize disability and death from acute illness and injury. It uses a team approach to diagnose and treat a broad range of acute and chronic illnesses, accidents and disasters in a hospital or other care setting.

Emergency Medicine which is a specialty of Michael Hilton, MD is the leading text in its field, providing an ideal resource for students and practitioners of emergency medicine, with a focus on the practical aspects of clinical practice. EM is much more than just treating patients with acute injuries and illness. It’s also about looking out for each other and being there for others in their time of need.

The emergency medicine program is committed to providing high-quality patient care. Emergency Medicine provides advanced life support for traumatic injuries and medical emergencies. Emergency medicine is a medical specialty dealing with the emergency treatment of illness and injury. People requiring emergency medical care include those suffering from trauma, cardiac or respiratory arrest, or stroke.

Providing Immediate Medical Attention

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty like Dr Michael Hilton that manages acute and urgent health matters. It is crucial to attend to patients with life-threatening injuries immediately. It is a one-semester course designed for students who are seeking a career in the medical field. The course focuses on how to take care of patients in an acute care setting, including trauma and dealing with serious illnesses.

Emergency medicine is one of the fastest-growing specialties for doctors, but it also involves more responsibility than traditional medical practice because patients arrive in crisis. Emergency medicine deals with life-threatening conditions such as chest pain and stroke, trauma, serious injury and unexpected illnesses. It can be confronting, but it is exciting to work with people who need your expertise immediately.

Providers learn how to deal with the unexpected, whether they’re at an accident scene or another location. Emergency Medicine Physicians diagnose and treat acute illness, injury and trauma. It is the medical specialty dealing with the immediate decision-making and action necessary to prevent death or any further disability both in the pre-hospital setting by first responders and in the emergency department.

Emergency Medicine Requires Specific Teachings and Trainings

Emergency medicine is a specialty of medicine focused on the acute care of ill and injured people. Physicians specializing in this field are called emergency physicians, paramedics, or trauma physicians. These specialists practice medicine rooted in a basic science and clinical foundation

It is a medical specialty that treats acute and often urgent medical conditions requiring immediate intervention. These are not long-term conditions, but rather, significant injuries or illnesses that can be treated with appropriate care and urgency.  Emergency medicine physicians work in single specialty hospitals called emergency departments (EDs), as well as in inpatient settings and in pre-hospital environments (e.g., air ambulances). 

EM is a specialty that focuses on the care of adult and pediatric patients who have an acute illness or injury. These physicians are often the first to respond to an emergency scene, and they must be able to provide immediate treatment that addresses the patient’s life-threatening condition while stabilizing them for transportation to an appropriate hospital.

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