There are many problems, anxieties, and fears which you can not relate to the life that you are leading now. That could be because the key to these fears might be related to your past life. Many metaphysical coaches have attributed depression therapy as a method that had helped many of clients to soothe their anxiety, balance their mental & physical traumas, and finally achieve a state of spiritual well-being. Many people wonder is hypnosis real. There are debates on whether people have past lives or whether the whole process is a fraud going on in the name of parapsychology. But to the parapsychologists, who would also like to introduce themselves as metaphysical coaches, they have thousands of cases with them, where they had used regression therapy to help a patient get over with depression or trauma and get back to their normal lifestyle.

Now, is hypnosis real? To get an answer to this question you need to know what regression therapy ac and how it works. Regression therapy is a type of meditative state. In this state, a person undertakes a journey of the past lives, they had lived in a state of hypnosis and they can recall specific incidents that had happened in their past lives and this recollection can be made by recalling the individuals about their personal lives through feeling, hearing or their senses. To some people, the concept might be absurd, but to those people who know hypnosis and also know that human consciousness is not related to the life and death of the human body, regression therapy is considered by them one of the best psychological treatments to get rid of trauma and anxiety.

How does Regression Therapy work?

People who are being introduced to regression therapy might be curious to understand how the metaphysical coaches understand that an individual needs regression therapy. To recognize the symptoms, the individuals who approach the coaches are advised to make a list of their insecurities. The insecurities could be a form of fear, anxiety, or stress to which any kind of connection could not be found. If the person wants more insight to intone the issues and wants to get rid of these unknown fears then regression therapy is advised by the parapsychologists.

Metaphysical coaches often find many individuals who are affected by problems that are not related to their present lifestyle at all. When a regressive therapy is conducted, the patients are carefully guided in the state of real hypnosis or a deep meditative state by relaxation and breathing techniques. The hypnosis allows the consciousness of the mind to reconnect to the previous lives of a person and find out the reason for the negative energy that they are facing in their present lives.

How does regression therapy help people to get over the pain and negativity of their current lives?

Several issues like pain, chronic health issues, and inexplicable phobias have been successfully treated with the help of regression therapy. Is hypnosis real and does it work? several people have been going through depression and distress, and have tried both medications and other naturopathic treatments like meditation and still could not come out of the bad phase of their lives have got success after trying regression therapy.

This therapy is also not about discovering the path in of the past life, sometimes individuals going through a rough phase in their lives might feel lost and disconnected. They do not find anything around them that can help them to realize their worth and find the inspiration to get through the bad patch in their life. The journey of the consciousness into their past ligand, an make them realize their worth and their power and they could also draw inspiration from any source of happiness in their previous lives. This helps them to get over negativity, learn the value and understand the purpose of their lives and live their lives with a positive frame of mind.


There is a lot of debate that is going on whether regression therapy packs or is just a person imagining things in a hypnotic state of mind. Those who oppose regression therapy state that there is no scientific proof that there is a past life and that travel to the past can help in healing. But many philosophers have given actual evidence of reincarnation. Therefore, individuals who are suffering from illness, pain, or depression can book a session of regression therapy, and a new way and a new dimension to their lives.

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.