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Almost everyone around the world consumes tea or coffee on an everyday basis. It is most probably the first healthy drink; humans take after just waking up. It does not only help them feel refreshed but also fills them with vitality. As coffee and tea are known to have caffeine in them, it makes your sleep go away, thereby letting you focus on your work better. Apart from the morning, tea can also be consumed at other times of the day as well. Whenever you feel like you are facing a block in your project, tea might be the best way to distract yourself for a short period of time. This short break taken along with the tea will definitely give you a new perspective about your work, thereby helping you to surpass the creative block.

Different kinds of tea that one should definitely try:

If you are a tea lover, you might be aware that tea is of different kinds. The main kinds of tea are black, green, oolong, and white. Herbal tea does not get counted in these as they are extracted from various other plants. Kombucha tea is kind of a fermented tea [ชา หมัก, which is the term in Thai] that you should try if you have poor digestion. The tea is known to have probiotic bacteria in it, which will help you to alleviate digestion related issues.

The only cons of tea which are not even cons:

Tea is proven to be a healthy drink for everyone. People have been consuming it for a very long time without reporting any side effects so far. The only situation you should refrain yourself from tea is when you have insomnia. Tea has caffeine in it, which can tamper with your sleep cycle if you already have sleeping related problems. However, for such people, there are decaffeinated teas available in the market, which has a very little amount of caffeine in it.

By Alexander James

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