Risk and complications associated with sex surgery:

sex change [성 변화, which is the term in Korean] is a complex procedure as there are various risks and complications associated with it. Before undergoing such procedure patients are being informed about the risk. Some of the risk of sex change includes blood pressure, anxiety, heart disease, and infertility. These changes occur due to hormone therapy but people undergoing sex surgery will be more prone to the risks and danger. For men who are transitioning into women may face kidney disease. This is because of narrowing of urethra as it will hinder the urine flow. On the other hand, patients transforming from women into men are more exposed to risk as they also develop kidney problems due to narrowing of urinary track. Many of the people do not prefer to go through sex surgery as they suggest to undergo minor sex change procedures.

Health benefits associated with sex change:

It’s true that sex change would be a risky step and involve many complications but on the other hand it does bring positive effects on the life of people. A transgender who opt for sex change is less likely to suffer from anxiety now than he had before. It also reduces the chances of suicidal behavior. The sex change helped these people to make their identity in the society. It helped them to transform their lives and become better people.

Can sex change surgery be reverse?

The reversal of sex change which is usually known as de-transition. Many people wonder is there any possibility for a gender identification reversal. Gender reversal surgery is not easy and it should be approved by the experts. People usually request for gender reversal as they regret their decision and new look appall them. Gender reversal can be perform but it is an extremely sensitive process which is associated with various risk and complications. Various reasons are associated with de-transition such as family, society pressure, and social rejection.

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