Tesamorelin which is also commonly known as EGRIFTA (name-brand form), is a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) analog. It has been noticed that it helps in boosting the levels of the IGF-1 growth hormone. At the current time, it is known to be one of the most useful and effective GH releasing hormones out there in the market. It works as an injectable peptide. It helps in generating HGH hugely and naturally. Not only does it help in binding but also stimulates the human GHRH receptors. It works in a similar way in which GHRH works in our system. The good part is, it also does not hugely affect the pituitary hormones. 

Why and to whom is tesamorelin prescribed?

A lot of people who are trying to shed those extra calories or get muscular are going through tesamorelin review bodybuilding sites and how effective this peptide is. Tesamorelin has been used typically by those who have tried it all and failed to reduce weight. It has been a perfect peptide therapy for patients undergoing weight loss management who have HIV-associated lipodystrophy. It has been noticed that such patients tend to gain fat in specific areas of their body due to the medication that is prescribed to them. 

The other set of people who make the most out of tesamorelin are bodybuilders or those who are highly into workouts or hail to achieve an athletic body. Tesamorelin does help to diminish your weight, particularly in the stomach area when it is used in the right way and upon consistent use. It works by boosting a certain sort of natural substance which helps to decrease fat in the body. 

Tesamorelin and how it works? 

Just like any naturally produced growth hormone-releasing hormone, Tesamorelin is produced in the hypothalamus. It is a synthetic peptide. It works by stimulating the pituitary gland which further moves ahead by producing the growth hormone-releasing hormone. The moment the GHRH is secreted, it helps to promote lipolysis. Lipolysis is known to be the step or process where triglycerides and lipids are broken down. 

Triglycerides and lipids are known to be quite much like fats or alike substances which are found in the human body. Normally, they are used by the body when it needs more energy. But if any of it or both are available in high limits, it can cause heart disease too. 

With the help of tesamorelin, visceral fat that is usually found in the abdominal area can be lowered down drastically. It has been found through research and studies that patients who have been using it have noticed weight loss in the abdomen area by about 17 percent, slightly around the 26th week of using it. With more testing and studies, it was also found that it works effectively towards reducing fat around the liver area too. Keep note that the tests were done especially on patients who had HIV-associated lipodystrophy. The results will always differ from one person to another. 

Always ensure that you are getting the right dosage of Tesamorelin and must be injected at the right time too. One must only get it from a professional health care specialist or doctor alone.

By Alexander James

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