The medical world might be complex, and finding a primary doctor who understands your medical history will help you navigate the healthcare system. The primary caregiver prevents diseases and offers effective ways to manage chronic diseases. You should find a primary doctor like Dr. Andrew Chow, who provides pediatric and family medicine to patients and  will help improve healthcare for the whole family. Here is why you may need a primary doctor.


A primary doctor offers continuous treatment for the whole family, and they understand every family member’s medical needs. They are specialized in treating different conditions and might refer you to a specialist if they cannot handle a given medical condition. They deal with minor issues like stomach aches and major health concerns requiring non-invasive surgical treatments. A primary doctor makes it easier to find the right treatment; for instance, you may not need to explain pre-existing conditions or hereditary disorders affecting close family members. The medical conditions are already in your file, making it possible to get the right treatments.

Primary Doctors Are Convenient

The primary doctor offers convenient treatments for different conditions; their services ensure you get the appropriate care. They offer immunization, blood pressure control, and treatment of common conditions like flu. The whole family can see the primary doctor during the evenings as primary caregivers can work past the closing time. Moreover, it is easy to manage conditions like diabetes and hypertension as the doctor knows the symptoms and ways to cope.

They Offer Health Maintenance

The primary caregiver offers preventive care, which helps a patient avoid certain health issues. The doctor offers preventive care based on their diagnosis; they may know if you are at the risk of developing a health condition and recommend the needed lifestyle change to prevent the condition. Moreover, they develop meal plans to help you maintain the optimum weight and improve your health. Your primary doctor may recommend the physical activities which keep your mind engaged, leading to alleviating mental health disorders.

Early Detection

Since they provide preventive care, you can detect diseases earlier, leading to proper care and treatment. The doctor will determine the health issues quickly as they have a medical history file. They might compare your symptoms to those of closely related relatives with similar symptoms and conditions. Thus, it is easy to treat the health complications in the early stages and prevent future complications.

It Fosters Better Communication

You can communicate effectively with a primary caregiver as you have worked with them for many years. Better communication leads to better management of conditions as you can discuss intimate issues. The hospital visits will be less stressful and more productive as the hospital environment will be a familiar setting.

Everyone should find a primary doctor who advocates for their health and act as a guide in the complicated healthcare system. The primary doctor will know all your history, making it easy to diagnose and treat conditions as needed. Moreover, they will compare your symptoms with your relative’s, making it easy to treat her edited health complications. Better communication with the primary doctor will make it possible to overcome health complications as you will feel free talking with them.

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.