Why Talking About Sexual Health with Your Doctor Is Important

Why Talking About Sexual Health is Important - NWPC

Taking care of your sexual health is essential as looking after your cardiovascular health. However, it is normal to feel timid when talking about your sex life to both partners and doctors. Although it may sound scary or anxious, talking about your sexual life can enhance your relationship and give your doctor a full image of your general health. Recently, discussing matters of sexual health Santa Monica has enabled several individuals to benefit from effective treatment and preventive measures, so do not be left out. Below are reasons why talking about sexual health with your doctor is important.

Preventing or Treating STIs and HIV

In most cases, sexually transmitted infections are something you should not fear. However, you should have regular checkups because these infections have long-lasting effects and can be spread to your sexual partner. Your healthcare provider is well-equipped with different management and treatment to keep you safe. If you have been having unprotected sex or have worries about physical symptoms, consult your doctor for antibiotics to treat issues like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Help in Pregnancy Planning

Usually, not all phases of sexual health involve prevention. If you and your partner wish to raise a family and get pregnant, frank conversations about ovulation, a healthy lifestyle, and menstrual cycles are integral. Your family care physician can help you in pregnancy planning by providing physical examinations and helping you stay healthy during your pregnancy.

Safer Sex Practices

Awareness of safer sex practices is integral in avoiding the transmission of STIs and boosting your sex life. You may discuss numerous things with your practitioner, including protection, barrier, and lubricants. Other important things include discussing sexual positions, which helps you know the positions that increase and decrease the chances of transmitting HIV.

Improving Health and Decreasing Risks of Death

Sexual health involves STIs, pregnancy, pleasure, and being open with your doctor about sexual health to save your life. For example, if you experience pain during sex, urinary issues, vaginal bleeding, or trouble conceiving could indicate underlying health complications. Severe issues like prostate cancer entail high chances of surviving if diagnosed and treated early.

Lifestyle Topics

Usually, tobacco, alcohol, and drug consumption poses several health risks. Therefore, you should consume them moderately to stimulate sexual performance. Your healthcare provider can effectively analyze your body’s health depending on tests. Failure to talk about your dependence on drugs and alcohol can lead to severe sexual concerns and diseases. Ensure you talk with your doctor about the best solutions depending on reliability and trust.

Get a Prescription for Better Sex

If you notice sex is becoming less enjoyable, or you are not interested in sex as before, it may be a sexual concern. Your doctor can effectively address these issues by recommending prescriptions. For example, ladies in their menopause are likely to experience more active sex desire by taking small testosterone. Alternatively, women with vaginal dryness can benefit from specialized lube to restore their groove.

Sexual health is crucial in several ways, including reducing risks of death, better sexual drive, and planning for pregnancy. We have a solution for you if you are suspicious of sexual health concerns. REGENERATIVE & SPORTS MEDICINE, led by Rand McClain and his team, offers comprehensive services to a wide range of patients, including athletes and celebrities. To book an appointment, Book online or call one of their offices in Santa Monica, Houston, and Southern California, Texas, today.