HEETS look like a cigarette and also have solid tobacco but they are not cigarettes. They do not have e-liquid like the vapes but still work on a similar principle. The tobacco is heated instead of being burnt. The tobacco is used in its native state and heated just enough to make vapours. These fumes are consumed by the user. Since there is no direct burning a few people believe that it is better than traditional cigarettes. They believe that the toxicity may have reduced in this process of fuming. There are different flavours available in HEETS, unlike traditional cigarettes. They are minty, strong tobacco and so on.

Why are people choosing HEETS?

HEETS is used by people who want to enjoy tobacco but do not want the mess. They would like to hold the solid tobacco but no ash must fall on them, then this is a perfect choice. But those looking to quit smoking will not find it any helpful. It has the same addiction and usage as the traditional cigarette. It is for those who like to enjoy nicotine. the technology being used here is IQOS. In this, the sticks are not burnt but highly heated with the use of sensors anda holder. You do not light it up. Don’t even try to do it. You may just end up creating an accident and put yourself in danger. Some people like it because they are now able to sit and enjoy it with their family and friends. There is no smoke so no fear of passive smoking. Also if one uses a flavoured HEET, there is no pungent smell. Instead, there is a sweet smell of the flavour being used. The look of the whole device and stick is very trendy and liked by the youth and the professional people. They think it is smart. You can find them  at Geek bar wholesale

How can one use it?

The sticks are not directly burnt or heated. They are placed in a holder called IQOS holder. This holder is activated by the push of a button. The element inside starts to heat up and fumes are formed. The heat is around 350 degree Celsius for the tobacco to generate nicotine vapours. The heat is controlled. There is no chance of burning, the taste of the fumes is the same as the rich taste of nicotine only better. As no smoke is there it is a better alternative. There is the optimal usage of nicotine as nothing is wasted in the form of smoke. Each stick is good for around 6 minutes of use time. there are puffs equal to 14 puffs of the traditional cigarette. Each box generally contains 20 sticks of tobacco. Every stick weighs around 0.5 mg of nicotine. You can order them in bulk at Geek Bars Bulk Bay. There is a special paper that is used to make these sticks so that the ash stays in a roll only even when it has been used.  You must be careful around kids. there is no smoke so no passive smoking, but they may still try to imitate you to look cool. So keep these out of reach of your kids.

By Alexander James

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