With the advent of technology, easy access to smart devices, apps, smartphones, laptops, it has revolutionized and made lives easier for us human beings. Today technology is not restricted to only mobile phones, GPS locators, smartwatches, etc. It has intervened in every aspect of the industry. If we look at the education industry online learning is taking over traditional classroom learning and making education accessible to all irrespective of the location and status. From online banking to networking, everything is transforming. Today everything is out there on the internet in the form of articles, blogs, mobile or desktop apps. Right from the weather forecast, agriculture tips, dermatologist consultation, doctor appointment to girls and boys skin care tips. 

Let’s understand how technology is transforming the skincare space. We are so dependent on mobile phones that we cannot even imagine our life without them. The increasing use of mobile apps in our day-to-day lives is indeed revolutionizing the beauty and the skincare space. To not lose touch with the skincare routine with the hustle and bustle of daily life, AI and technology are redefining the skincare industry. Gone are the days when we used to physically visit the dermatologists for a skincare consultation. Today there are various skincare apps like CureSkin, Troveskin that provide instant skin analysis and customized treatment kits recommended by the dermatologist. Let’s look at some of the advantages being offered by these skincare apps. Apart from these you should also check out another such app known as the Skin Beauty Pal app

Convenience – One of the major advantages is convenience and the 24*7 support. You can download these apps anytime irrespective of the location and can get the complete skin analysis report, unlike the regular dermatologist consultation where you have to visit the dermatologist by making a prior appointment.  

Remote Consultation – No waiting in the queues at the doctors’ clinics. With the online consultation, you can save a lot of time and book the consultation from the comfort of your home.

Skincare Report – All you have to do is to take a photo and a skin report will be generated within less than 2 minutes with the “instant skin check technology” and then you can track your skin conditions. 

Personalized Treatment Kits – Based on the skin analysis report, expert dermatologists will provide a customized treatment regime based on what will suit your skin by analyzing the skin concerns. If you have an acne problem, a customized skincare routine with the right skincare products will be recommended to you by the dermatologist and the skin experts.

Trusted & Verified Doctors – All these skincare apps have trusted and clinically verified doctors. Their recommendations are assured and reliable. You can also read the reviews and the testimonials by the people who have used and experienced these apps and can chat with the doctors in case of any queries or concerns.

Thanks to technology, taking care of your skin has never been so simple. 

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.