The term plastic surgery is associated with stigmatization as it traditionally involved changing body features that had no health concerns. This was associated with being shallow as it was primarily done to celebrities who cared too much about how they looked. This has drastically changed as in-depth research into the topic has encouraged the increased success rate of the procedures. The development of modern facilities with the best Peoria oculofacial plastic surgeon available has made these services easily accessible. More about what oculofacial plastic surgeons do is discussed in detail below.

Who are Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons?

These ophthalmologists have undergone additional training in cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery of the facial and periorbital tissues. These tissues include the eyebrows, eyelids, lacrimal system, orbits, cheeks, forehead, and face. An oculofacial plastic surgeon is qualified to do procedures and operations around these regions.

Typical procedures done by an oculofacial plastic surgeon

These surgeons have the training to do multiple operations affecting various parts of your body. Some of these surgeries are among the following:

Orbital oncology and surgery

Your ocular orbit may become infected or injured needing surgery. This surgery repairs the damage, eliminates lesions, reconstructs the socket, and removes the eye.

Some diseases like thyroid eye disease can be treated through surgery. This condition is an autoimmune disorder found in your soft tissues and muscles around your eye and the eyelids. Once the ailment is stable, a surgical procedure can deal with the symptoms, including double vision, bulging eyes, and eyelid retraction or malposition.

Functional or Reconstructive oculoplastics

This involves operations done to restore your previous good appearance, mainly due to scarring or lesions in your eyelids or face. The procedure can also return the periorbital area’s functions and can also be returned to normal by the method. Some common kinds of surgery are as such:

·         Eyelid malposition to fix your eyelids when they are not at similar levels

·         Eyelid drooping may affect vision and is treated with cosmetic lifting or any viable medical process

·         Eyelid reconstruction to restore features marred by scars, lesions, or following MOHS surgery

·         Removing lesions around your eyes or eyelids

Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

It is usual for anyone not to be delighted with their facial features. You may have too big of lips, oversized ears, or other abnormally shaped facial features. Oculoplastic surgery may be a suitable solution to deal with these issues. This involves various operations like:

·         Brow lift to raise your forehead

·         Removal or lifting of sagging skin beneath the eyes through blepharoplasty

Tear Duct Surgery

Malfunctioning of your tear ducts may lead to red, watery, and irritated eyes. It can also cause chronic eye infections that can be dealt with through tear duct surgery which involves repairing faulty eye ducts. A cut on the side of your nose is made, and a stent is placed to open up the draining route of your tears.

An oculofacial plastic surgeon can help you fix any natural imperfections of your face and deal with diseased or injured facial features. Their medical background in surgery will come in handy during treatment regimes. For any oculofacial surgery questions, check our website, or call our offices in Peoria, AZ.

By Alexander James

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