The appearance of wrinkles on the skin may affect facial expressions like smiling and cause squinting and frowns. As one gets older, the chances of developing wrinkles and creases also increase, causing the skin to be drier and thinner. McDonough Ideal MedSpas has an experienced team that uses an almost painless approach to restore that youthful look and leave your skin feeling soft and natural again.

What should you know about Botox?

Botox is an injection that is used to treat creases and wrinkles appearing on the face. It is a brand name from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The injection serves to make the wrinkles on your face relax and the creases soften leaving you with a beautiful youthful appearance. Botox is commonly used on the lines around the eyes referred to as the crow’s feet, the forehead lines, and frowns. While Botox injections address a lot of facial infections, you may not get an injection if the damage is from gravity or damage by the sun.

What happens during a Botox procedure?

You may need to consult with your doctor first on the best treatment plan depending on your skin type. Your doctor may carry out a thorough physical examination before setting you an effective personalized treatment plan. Ideal MedSpas uses a highly conservative approach that will provide you with the best natural-looking results. You may need to sign consent forms and some paperwork before your treatment begins. The expertise team at Ideal MedSpas ensures the whole process is comfortable for you and that your experience is a good one. You may not need anesthesia as the process is painless. Your doctor may only do small painless pokes on specific areas of your skin with a thin needle and this may cause minor discomfort. The process will take less time and you may be out of the hospital after a short time.

What happens after a Botox procedure?

You will still be able to make facial expressions like smiling as they will not be affected. . You may start noticing improvements in your skin in 2-3 days and can go up to up to a maximum of two weeks. These improvements will last for as long as 3-4 months. You may have to do follow-up appointments with your doctor to check on your progress. You may start experiencing side effects including inflammation of the injected area, redness, and swelling. But they are usually temporary and minimal. Your doctor will answer any questions you may have about the side effects of the injection. Your doctor may recommend precautions such as not rubbing the infected area to prevent spreading the Botox. You may need regular maintenance of the Botox as it wears off over time and wrinkles start reappearing. The continuous treatment will help in reducing the likeliness of creases and wrinkles.

To experience the benefits of Botox injections and find out if it is appropriate for your skin, call Ideal MedSpas or book your appointment online today.

By Alexander James

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