Looking forward to easing the breastfeeding process? Add Organic Nipple Balm to your collection and heal your skin in no time. 

It might be surprising for new mothers that how a small and cuddly baby can hurt your nipples but this fact is absolutely true. It can lead to cracks, sores, in even some blood in the early weeks and is thus painful. 

But before you think that breastfeeding is not your cup of tea and give up on the same, let’s give the nipple balm a chance to cherish the special bonding time with your little one. 

But before jumping right into the buying process, let’s just first know about the important things to consider while making the final choice. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

1. Quality Ingredients 

Keep in mind the fact that you cannot afford to compromise with the quality of the nipple cream as you’ll be going to feed the baby. Therefore, it would be recommended to go for the option which is loaded with plant-based and organic ingredients. These are generally considered safe both for you as well as for the baby. 

You should avoid buying products that contain numbing ingredients as this can hinder the baby’s ability to suck. Also, make sure that you are selecting the cream with anti-fungal properties which can help in healing painful cracked skin or and around nipples to prevent infections.

2. Consistency

The second-most key point to take into account while purchasing the nipple balm is its consistency. Depending on your requirements, choose the cream that won’t stain your clothes while also make you feel good. From creams and ointments to balm and butter, these are available in a myriad of options. 

Make sure that the product you are choosing easily glides on your skin and also helps with the pain while pumping and nursing. 

3. Portability

Since you need to breastfeed the baby at any time and anywhere, therefore, always go for an option that you can easily carry on the go. Find the organic nipple balm that is easy to tote around. Whether you are nursing at home or while running errands, having an easy-to-carry cream ensures relief at your fingertips. 

4. Smell and Taste

Let’s be honest, your chosen product will be going to affect your baby, therefore, never forget to consider the smell and taste of the product while purchasing the same. Go for the nipple balm that has minimal added fragrance and taste to soothe the baby. 

5. Check for the allergens

Nipple cream is just like other skin products and, therefore, you should look for the allergens and only then make a choice. What works for others might not work for you and hence, be sure to read the ingredient list and only then add it to your collection. 

The Final Verdict

So, there you have the list of important factors to consider while purchasing the nipple balm. Keep them in mind and make the appropriate choice. 

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.