Green Cap Seasoning Sauce [ซอสปรุงรสฝาเขียว, which is the term in Thai], usually described as “flavoring sauce” in Thai dishes, is like a trump card in Thai food. In the United States and Canada, only now they can be found. In Thailand, it is a cooking staple. The sauce has been utilized for more than a century there, contributing a distinct Thai flavor to stir-fries as well as various other dishes.

What It Is

Like soy sauce, Green Cap seasoning sauce is composed generally of fermented soybeans as well as salt. It tastes fairly different from soy sauce, nevertheless, it is somewhat saltier, plus there is a tip of sweetness considering that it consists of sugar. There is no monosodium glutamate or MSG in this sauce, yet the manufacturers do add a chemical that they are called “taste enhancer” in small amounts, it is similar to MSG, but without the unfavorable results.

The flavor booster made use of is disodium guanylate, which is created from dried fish or dried out the seaweed and is usually made use of in conjunction with disodium inosinate to give food umami or unctuous taste. This flavor enhancer is not suggested for those with gout or asthma or people that normally get an allergic reaction from pain killers.

If you have actually ever had Maggi spices, an additional preferred flavor enhancer in Europe, Green Cap sauce is practically compatible with Maggi.

Vegan, Not Gluten-Free

Among the fantastic things about this sauce is that it is vegan and also vegetarian. It also includes a significant amount of plant protein from fermented soy, which can be thought about as a healthy food source. It consists of about 15 percent of your daily requirement for healthy protein. For vegetarians who like to prepare Thai-style food, Green Cap sauce can, in some cases, function as an ample replacement for fish sauce, particularly in stir-fries as well as tofu meals.

Do remember that like soy sauce, Green Cap sauce does consist of a small amount of wheat, so it is not suggested for gluten-free diets.

By Alexander James

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