Are you out there struggling with the aging signs? It is a devastating experience to live with wrinkles and facial lines since you experience a reduced skin tone. With these skin disfigurements, expressing facial emotions becomes difficult. Also, you will have reduced self-esteem since your smile will not be glowing as it used to be while you were young. Thanks to the facial rejuvenation McLean, you can now do away with distressing skin disfigurement through the injectable to reclaim your youthful look. Let us understand the following guidelines to prevent bruising after the injectable filler procedure.

Talk About Your Medication

Some medications and supplements usually increase the likelihood of bruising, even after a slight scratch. It is, therefore, important to discuss your medication with your specialists before the treatment. The specialist will recommend you stop taking medications such as aspirin and naproxen at least two weeks before the treatments. If you experience a health problem like a headache, your plastic surgeon will provide the relevant course of action.

Avoid Alcohol Intake

Alcohol consumption is one of the triggers of complications in the circulatory system. Notably, the alcoholic components increase the diameter of the blood vessels, making the patients more vulnerable to bruising. Besides, alcohol consumption can also hinder the capacity of the body to produce white blood cells, reducing the healing rate. Therefore, you should limit the consumption of alcohol some weeks before receiving the skin rejuvenation injectable.

Apply Cold Compress

The cold mechanism can also help you to reduce the chances of bruising. You should apply the cold compress to the injected area a few days after receiving the injectable. The cold compress mechanism usually slows down the blood flow to the injected area, thus reducing swelling. While applying the ice pack, you should wrap it on a cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin since it can cause frostbite.

Elevation Technique

Elevating your head after the injectable treatment can help you to reduce the chances of bruising. This technique helps to reduce the blood flow to the injected parts of the skin, thus reducing inflammation. Use a comfortable pillow to elevate your head while sleeping to make a difference.

Avoid Excessive Exposure to Sunlight

Extreme direct rays can cause sunspots on the skin, which makes it prone to bruising after the treatment. Therefore, you should limit your exposure to sunlight by wearing protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts. It would help if you also used sunscreen to safeguard your skin from extreme ultraviolet violet rays.

Skip the Vigorous Activities

A daily exercise plan is crucial for the wellness of your health. However, skipping some extreme activities after your filler injectable would be best. The extreme exercises raise the blood pressure in the capillaries, thus causing bruising to the injected areas.

The aging signs such as wrinkles usually impair individuals’ healthy looks. If you are a victim of these skin disfigurements, you do not have to compromise your attractiveness. The team of experienced professionals at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center offers an array of skin rejuvenation treatments, such as fillers injectable for patients with facial lines and wrinkles. Make an online booking or call their office to get started with facial rejuvenation treatments.

By Alexander James

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