Everything beginners need to know about vaping Kratom.

Vaping has become both trendy and increasingly popular in the U.S., and not just as a replacement for traditional tobacco cigarettes. Vapers often vape other leafy herbs in their vape pens or tanks, depending on the tools and products they have at their disposal.

Another emerging natural product originating in Southeast Asia is kratom, which is most commonly consumed by eating or drinking. Nevertheless, kratom is also a leafy plant similar to cannabis, something that is very popular to vape at the moment.

However, does that mean that vaping kratom is alright or safe simply because it’s a leafy plant? There’s a chance that vaping kratom extract is less harmful than vaping other things, but the real question isn’t whether you should vape kratom, but whether you should. Kratom is probably not something you should vape. 

Is it possible to vape herbal products?

Using an electronic cigarette or a herbal vaporizer, vaping is heating a substance and inhaling the vapor it produces. A vaporizer, instead of smoking, inhale the smoke without burning the plant matter, which is the process of rolling plant matter in paper and burning it. Therefore, vapor is produced instead of smoke.

Others use waxier substances, while others vaporize dry herbs. Some vaporizers use liquids or oils, while others use waxier substances. In liquid form, propylene or glycerin are usually used to facilitate vaporization; however, the “active” ingredient is often something like tobacco or cannabis.

There is no doubt that vapor pens and other vaporizers are less harmful alternatives to combustible cigarettes with fewer side effects, though they do pose some risks. In particular, this is true of a substance like kratom, which is not well-regulated and has a limited amount of research.

In any case, to vape anything effectively, you need a device capable of managing the substance and heating it to the right temperature—something not too hot to burn it but not so hot to destroy it. The issue with kratom vaping is the care that needs to be taken with this process.

Is Kratom Suitable for Smoking or Vaping?

Heat and alkaloids are two problems associated with smoking or vaping kratom. Kriatom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, contains alkaloids Mitragynine and 7OH Mitragynine. In addition to other alkaloids, these powerful compounds begin to act once they reach the bloodstream. Once this happens, the alkaloids will interact with brain receptors, producing sometimes relaxing and sometimes energizing effects based on their dose.

Smoking a cigarette is similar to kratom because nicotine acts as a stimulant, but there are alkaloids present instead of nicotine. Thus, the alkaloids attach to opiate receptors rather than nicotine receptors.

The advantage is that effects are quickly felt. Heat, however, may alter the effects of alkaloids, so you may not experience them at all or miss out on maximum effects.

There is a great alternative called Nicotine Pouches from Nordic Spirit that you can try instead of kratom to vape. It makes for an amazing alternative to the conventional nicotine-based vapes!

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.