Sauce [ซอสปรุงรส, which is the term in Thai] are liquids of different densities that are seasoned or seasoned to boost the flavor of food. Sauces can be pleasant, spicy, sour, or tasty and may be included in the food to become part of the main course or made use of as an accompaniment to the food being prepared. Sauces include a variety of functions to foods, such as matching or enhancing flavors, including an attractive appearance, and/or supplying added texture.

Initially improved by the French, all sauces are now globally classified into among seven teams of sauces which are made use of as structures or base sauces for other sauces called secondary sauces. The primary sauces are called Mom Sauces or Grand Sauces.

The following are the categories of the Mom Sauces of French cooking from which all other sauces are prepared.

  • White Sauces, e.g. Béchamel Sauce
  • Tomato Sauces and Red Sauces, e.g., Tomato Puree
  • Brownish Sauces, e.g., Madeira Sauce
  • Egg Yolk or Butter Sauces e.g. Hollandaise Sauce.
  • Oil and Vinegar Sauces, e.g., Salad Dressings
  • Egg Yolk as well as Oil Sauces, e.g., Mayo
  • Flavored Butter Sauces e.g. Beurre Blanc Sauce

Other Usual Sauce Names

Reduction Sauce

A sauce made with the juices launched from oven-roasted or cooktop is leading cooked foods, such as chicken, meat, or veggies. The launched juices end up being the base for the sauce, to which various other active ingredients may be added, such as wine, tomato paste, fruit juices, or bits of foods and natural herbs. The juice is boiled or steamed independently as well as mixed constantly to vaporize excess liquid, such as water; hence, reducing the volume of the juices into a thicker consistency, giving an extra intense taste. The resulting liquid is strained and, after that, utilized as a base for soups, sauces, as well as stews. Sauces, a glass of wine sauces, meat sauces, as well as fruit sauces, are all instances of reduction sauces used for enhancing the taste of foods.

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