Enjoy Natural-looking Teeth with Dental Implants

It is easy to lose a tooth to decay or injury and diseases. But it’s just as easy to get the correct treatment for that missing tooth. Bridges and dentures aren’t the only treatment options available; dental implants Greenwich is a great option to restore your daily life without overthinking your dental health.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial natural look tooth replacements on your tooth roots if you may have lost your teeth or need an extraction. Dental implants allow you to live normally without worrying about your teeth. They preserve your natural bones and help stimulate your bones’ growth.

What are the different types of implants?

Dental implants may come in various types, sizes, and heights. The two main types of dental implants may include:

·                     Endosteal

This type of dental implant is made of titanium and has the shape of a small screw. Your doctor places them on your jawbone. It is the most common type of implant.

·                     Subperiosteal

This dental implant may benefit you if you may not have healthy natural jawbones and do not wish to have an augmentation procedure to rebuild your bones.

Your doctor may recommend alternative treatment procedures to help rebuild your bone and restore jawlines. These alternatives may include:

       Bone augmentation

      Sinus lift

      Expansion of your ridges

What benefits can you enjoy from dental implants?

Generally, dental implants are a good option for you as an adult or if you are an adolescent who is through with your facial development and growth. Some of the benefits you may enjoy from dental implants may include:

·                     Improvement in oral health

Dental implants protect your bones from loss and help maintain the shape of your face.

·                     Improved bites

Getting a dental implant means you can chew adequately; thus, you can enjoy eating nutritious meals.

·                     Improved confidence

You can eat or laugh or talk with dental implants; thus, you may always be confident around people.

Apart from the improvements, you may also have the following benefits:

·                     Easy maintenance

·                     Restored ability to chew

·                     The natural feel and look of your regular teeth.

What can you expect during a dental implant procedure?

Before any treatment can begin, your doctor may have to evaluate your teeth through observation and imaging tests. Your doctor may suggest different options before setting a treatment plan. During your treatment, your doctor places the implant in the jawbone with a missing tooth. You may find this experience less painful; your doctor may administer anesthesia to help with any discomforts. You can manage the pain that comes after the procedure with OTC medications.

What comes after the implantation?

Your jawbone and implant will integrate as you heal. You may be on soft foods for this healing period. After the integration, your doctor may connect an abutment above the gumline. You may need the same care for your artificial tooth as your natural teeth. You may need regular checkups with your doctor after the implantation is complete.

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