Like many patients, you may ignore cavities because you are unaware of their complications. Oblivious to the fact that cavities cannot disappear on their own, you endure the ache and distress rather than seeking treatment, especially if you worry that the filling would hurt or that the cost of cavity treatment will be prohibitive. It is not right to ignore cavities based on such a mindset. For these reasons, it is advisable that you reach out to a competent and experienced general and cosmetic dentist like Esther Oluwo DDS. The specialist will give you the best oral treatment to help you avert complications arising from ignoring cavity treatment. If you believe cavities are not harmful and do not worsen, the following dental complications can develop if they are not treated.

1.     The Cavity progresses to more damage

Untreated cavities become more serious because bacteria and acids erode the impacted tooth. After all, the tooth enamel is already compromised. This ongoing harm can cause more decay, which could eventually cause the tooth to crack or disrupt its inner parts, which contain nerves and blood arteries. Normally, tooth cavities go undetected as they advance from a white spot on the tooth that shows early enamel damage to a brown spot, which finally becomes a hole in your tooth. The hole is permanent damage that requires fixing by filling.

2.     Tooth infections may follow

Once the Cavity has advanced beyond the border of your dentin, the delicate tissue layer under your tooth enamel and the core of your tooth can be affected. Typically, dental decay that has progressed to the tooth’s inner chamber has been ongoing for some time; once it does, an infection may result. After neglecting a cavity long enough till you get an infection, your tooth may start to change color, which shows that the nerve tissues in your tooth have either been infected or harmed by decay.

3.     Tooth Extraction would be inevitable

It becomes an expensive and complicated affair once the tooth damage reaches the core of your teeth. You’ll require root canal treatment or extraction to repair the issue. The dentist will diagnose your oral health, the size of the Cavity, and other criteria before recommending extraction or root canal therapy. Don’t wait to have a cavity filled if you know you have one or if your dentist tells you you have; doing so could save your tooth.

4.     Other oral challenges may arise

The infected tooth may yield other oral complications, such as gum disease and foul oral smell. Gums can swell or even bleed when brushed because they become sensitive, and a dentist is required to help clean the teeth. The severe infections necessitate extensive periodontal surgery, leading to more financial implications.

If you think you have cavities or need a dental exam to diagnose them, visit us, make an online appointment, or call one of our skilled general and cosmetic dentists at TLN Family Dental to get the problem treated professionally. Take the opportunity now to have your Cavity filled while you still can. Cavities are typically easy to treat and don’t take much time at the dentist’s office. By handling dental cavities in time, you’ll maintain your smile while keeping your wallet healthy.

By Alexander James

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