Introduction – 

One of the facts that you should know about the protein shakes is that it is a well-known drink among the bodybuilders, athletes, & many adults also take the protein shake. By drinking protein shake you can easily build the muscle, lose weight and enhance your overall health. Another amazing thing, that you will know about the protein shake is that it is a very cost-friendly drink and you can get many flavours & you can double it as an easy snack or for breakfast. One of the best times to maximize your muscle growth and recovery is to take the protein shake after workout, and drinking protein shake before bed can give extra benefits. Moreover, drinking protein shake during the night can enhance strength, the size of the muscle, promote weight loss and speed up the recovery. 

Maintaining and Development of Muscle Mass – 

One of the most important things for maintaining and development of muscle mass is protein. Human body goes through a constant cycle of MPB and MPS i.e., Muscle Protein Breakdown & Muscle Protein Synthesis. MPS is a process which is mainly bio-chemical used for growing, recovering and strengthening muscles, whereas MPB is the reverse of the same. MPB can be accelerated through exercise and MPS can be stimulated through protein consumption. Plus, it helps in muscle building. So, during the night when you are resting your body will go into the state of Muscle Protein Breakdown. In the year 2016, a study was done in which it was shown that taking protein shake before going to bed, supplements the Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) throughout the night and assists in building muscles. 

Importance of Resistance Training – 

For the best or ideal muscle gain, your body should consist of protein balance that is positive. Even though the amino acids of the body (–the molecular foundation for muscle building–) is constantly reducing. When there is a lack of amino acids in your body due to poor eating or stress from exercise or lifestyle – the body will have a muscle balance that is negative. This is the condition where your body is slowly depleting the muscle tissue. But if you consume high protein foods and shakes then it brings your body back to the track building positive muscle balance. However, just taking extra protein shake will not help in developing your muscles. Along with drinking protein shake you also need to do resistance training or take part in resistance training program and take sufficient rest, which will stimulate the muscle growth and also help in maintenance. Taking protein shakes will help in strengthening the muscle growth and it also enhances the performance when doing any kind of exercise. As per the studies held in the year 2019, taking protein shake before sleeping increases strength when doing the resistance training. And, taking the shake before going to bed also helps people workout for a longer time & develop lean muscles mass. 

For Muscle Recovery & Weight Loss – 

If you take a glass of protein shake before bed then it will help in reducing the soreness & repair the muscles that are torn from resistance training and sports. In the year 2012, a study was held in which there was a comparison of 2 groups of young & athletic men, who worked out in the evening hours. One group ingested 40 grams of casein protein before going to bed and other group took a placebo beverage. So, the group that ingested casein protein had enhanced MPS & net protein balance compared to the other group. If you want to lose weight, then one of the best methods is to drink a protein shake before bed as it can help in burning extra calories as it enhances body’s resting metabolism rate. Plus, a protein shake will keep you full & will help you to suppress the night’s food craving.

By Alexander James

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