Neck pains are prone to almost everyone bearing in mind how the neck plays a major role in moving the head; thus making it susceptible. Pain in your neck can significantly affect your life’s quality bearing in mind it’s an organ so important in the body. To keep you off such stress,   Studio City neck pain specialists have stepped in the gap to offer effective acute and chronic neck pain treatments. The nature of treatment you receive depends on the reason for your pain. Therefore, it is crucial first to understand why your neck hurts. Here are six possible causes of neck pain.

Neck Strain or Sprain

Perhaps this is the most common cause of neck pain. You develop a neck strain or sprain when you fall or experience a sudden neck twist. When the tendon or muscle in your neck becomes irritated due to overuse or overextension, you develop a neck strain. But when the ligaments in your neck joints become overloaded or overstretched, you create a neck sprain. You can experience mild, moderate, or severe neck sprain or strain depending on the nature of your injury.


Imagine being hit from behind in a car, and your head is forced to move forward and backward quickly. This can damage the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and discs in the neck, causing painful symptoms. You can also experience whiplash due to physical abuse, sporting activity, or other trauma. Although it is not a medical diagnosis, a whiplash can direct your doctor to several diagnoses like herniated disc, strains or sprains, or something serious.

Cervical Fracture

You might break a bone in your neck, causing pain. This is called cervical fracture and may result from falls or accidents like motor vehicle collisions. When your doctor gets to the root of your pain and realizes you have a broken bone, they will consider factors like your age, the extent of damage to your spine, and your medical history to develop the best treatment option for you. You might have to wear a brace if your fracture destabilizes the neck.

Sore or Stiff Neck

This situation often results from overuse injuries, poor posture, stress, and poor sleeping positions. You might experience sore neck overtime when you engage in repetitive movements and tasks involving the upper parts of your body and arm. Also, you might experience neck pain from sitting hunched over your desktop for an extended period. Additionally, you might twist your neck while you sleep at an odd angle or use improper pillows.

Degenerative Disc

You can develop degenerative disc disease in your cervical spine, causing the natural shock absorbers in your neck to wear down and regenerate. The space between the vertebrae narrows down, and the nerves can become pinched. You will experience low-level chronic pain and recurrent severe pain and instability episodes.

Herniated Disc

This is also called a ruptured, protruding, or bulging disc, mainly when the soft substance inside your disc leaks. The fluid presses the nerve root and can lead to nerve-related issues like numbness, burning sensation, weakness, and shooting pain down your arm.

Understanding your neck pain is an initial step in knowing the best way to treat your condition. You might not understand the situation alone, but you can get an accurate diagnosis from the experts. Get in touch with the Pain Relief Center Studio City neck pain specialists for help.

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.