Cancer And Its Danger

The rate of cancer patients is increasing each day and this genetic disease has already taken millions of lives in its account. It isn’t true that there is no cure for the disease because this one too is curable if its presence got identified and treated earlier. New treatments have been found out to fight against this evil called cancer and natural cancer treatment is also available which won’t destroy your body and mind in the process of treatments. There are many known and unknown causes for getting cancer and even though we could decrease the chances of getting cancer by taking care of certain factors such as following proper diet and lifestyle. 

The cancer results from abnormal growth of cells and this happen when the body fails in controlling proper mechanisms. In such a case new cells will continue to grow rapidly where the old cells don’t die and thus resulting in abnormal growth of cells. These extra cells may or may not result in causing tumors. More than a hundred types of cancers have been reported and the numbers are still on their race. Breast cancer, skin cancer, mouth cancer, leukemia, colon cancer, etc are some among this long list of cancer varieties.

The Roots…

Finding out the roots are sometimes very difficult as many people who had avoided all cancer-causing sources from their lives too have been diagnosed with cancer. Neither the doctor nor themselves could find out that what results in them getting cancer. Hence complete protection from us being caught by cancer isn’t possible. However, some cancer-causing factors are tobacco smoking, exposure to radiation such as u-v rays from the sun, alcohol consumption, consuming junk foods, etc. 

There is a chance of getting cancer even as hereditary and yeah this piece of information is true and it doesn’t mean that all the individuals with a family history of cancer patients will be so. Asbestos fibers, tar, benzopyrene, certain plastic chemicals such as Vinyl Chloride are also cancer-causing agents. So stay away from carcinogens as much as possible. What we can do is to avoid carcinogens in our lives and following a good diet and lifestyle.

Normal To Abnormal genes

Proto-oncogenes are normal genes which do have many responsibilities to look after in our body and it does not harm us. These genes help in cell growth and the problem arises when these genes get mutated into oncogenes which cause cancer. The normal genes are very important for us in stimulating and promoting cell division, preventing cell death and so on and it is very important for women during the time of pregnancy. Unless continuous mutation occurs, no proto oncogenes will convert into oncogenes. And when the conversion happens then the gene will go on continuously in making huge amounts of proteins which codes cell growth. And the uncontrollable and hence dangerous cell growth could lead to the formation of cancerous tumors. You and we do have proto oncogenes in our body and they are really important for us to be alive. 

Gain- of -function mutations

The main three gain of function mutations that have the power to change the normal gene to abnormal genes or oncogenes is a point mutation, gene amplification, and chromosomal translocation. One or a small amount of nucleotides in gene sequence gets altered, added, or reduced in the case of point mutation which immediately affects the functions of the normal genes. Gene amplification brings out extra copies of any gene and hence gene multiplication is the outcome. The genes get displaced or relocated into another chromosomal site and thus change the normal functioning of the genes in chromosomal translocation.

Examples For Deep Understanding.

HER2, Myc, Ras, Cyclin D, etc are some examples of normal and noncancerous genes present in our body. It is when these cells undergo mutation by the interference of any carcinogens that they convert into oncogenes. In total there are more than 40 types of proto oncogenes. It has been found that most cases of pancreatic cancers are reported as developed cancers by mutated oncogenes from Ras. Mutation in HER2 genes is the cause behind many breast cancers and hence are known as HER2-Positive Breast Cancer. 

Treatment Is A must…

None have to get worried much if you are diagnosed with cancer because unlike the early periods, today the medical field has advanced tremendously and if diagnosed in an early stage the medical team could cure your cancer completely and thus you will be able to lead a healthy life once the treatment is over. Surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc are the common treatments for cancer. If you are looking or searching for natural cancer treatment then no need to search too much for there is an efficient and natural way to treat cancer. This natural treatment will be carried out with the normal genes. What happens here will be the reversal of what had happened. That is the cancer cells popped up in your body when the normal genes converted into oncogenes will be treated with the normal genes or proto oncogenes. You could go for a suitable treatment for you after seeking suggestions from your doctor. 

Cancer is a disease that roams around our world for centuries and today we could stop it to some extend by following the right lifestyle and by avoiding carcinogens. Cancer treatments are advancing with time and hence be calm and fight back and get back the life that you own. Stay healthy and happy.

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.