When you wake up the next morning, you will identify puffy and swollen eyes. It is due to a lack of sound sleep. However, you will also suffer from eye bags as you grow. Weakening facial muscles and tissues results in Under-eye bags that do not cause any harm.

Other causes of under-eye bags are unhealthy lifestyles like smoking, fluid retention, and allergies. The loose skin and under-eye circles could be annoying and can not be concealed with makeup. One of the best ways to cure under eye circles is by ensuring sound sleep. If you are so busy and cannot enjoy sound sleep, you can make use of skin needling techniques.

Treatment of under-eye bags

A derma roller that consists of 192 microneedles is used to treat under-eye bags. The microneedles are produced using high-quality surgical stainless steel for impressive results. Derma rolling using a derma roller helps to heal under-eye bags effectively and painlessly.

When you roll the derma roller under the eyes, it creates micro-injuries on the skin. Your skin begins a natural healing process to cure these micro-injuries. As a result, it stimulates the secretion of collagen, which is necessary to heal damaged tissues and produce new tissues. You can gain back new skin cells through this process. It maintains high levels of collagen and keeps you healthy. Therefore, it reverses the depletion of collagen caused due to growing age.

Derma rolling ensures an ample supply of this vital protein when you carry out this procedure under your eyes using the derma roller. Micro-needling strengthens the loose skin because of this protein – collagen. You will notice the vanishing of dark circles under your eyes with a few sessions of derma rolling. It also improves the elasticity of the skin under the eyes.

Procedure for under eye derma rolling

Gin Amber Beauty dermaroller for under eyes should be applied carefully because the skin is very delicate. A skin needling device with a needle length of 0.500 mm is the right device to carry out derma rolling under the eyes. It can cure puffiness and wrinkles under the eyes. The micro roller having 192 microneedles is the right choice for this treatment. Such devices are developed to reach delicate areas on your face.

You can eliminate oil and dirt from your face using a mild cleanser. The 0.5 mm derma roller can be rolled carefully under the eyes a few times moving back and forth. Just four times in each direction is sufficient to heal puffiness and wrinkles under the eyes.  You should not apply any force during the micro-needling.

You can clean the treated area after 12 hours. You need to disinfect the derma roller and keep it in a closed enclosure to prevent damage to the needles. Vitamin C serums can be applied for best results after the treatment. Derma rolling helps to get glowing and smooth skin under the eyes and improves your beauty. You can procure both Vitamin C cream and derma roller 0.5 mm from a reliable e-commerce site using a debit or credit card from the comfort of home.

By Alexander James

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