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Settling on the right method of contraception goes a long way in ensuring you stay worry-free without the fear of pregnancy. There are different available contraception San Antonio methods you can choose from and live to enjoy their benefits. Some methods are reversible, and others are permanent. Contraception helps you control family goals because you choose when you want a baby. Go figure out with your doctor which method works best for your body.

What is Contraception?

Also known as birth control, contraception involves using medications, devices, and surgical procedures to prevent pregnancy. Several methods vary for every woman, depending on their lifestyle and body. Contraception methods work differently, but they have a common working rule. They keep the egg and sperm from fusing, therefore preventing pregnancy. Typically, there are contraception methods that are more effective than others. You can talk to your doctor about the most suitable choice.

What are the Categories of Contraception Methods?

Birth control can be put under different categories depending on how they work to prevent pregnancy. The following will be a discussion of these methods.

Barrier Methods

As the name suggests, barrier methods prevent pregnancy by keeping sperm from entering the vagina. First, there are male and female condoms. Male condoms have a thin sheath, while female condoms are in the form of a flexible pouch that partly goes into the vagina to prevent sperm entry. Condoms are effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs. Second, you can choose a diaphragm and cervical cap and place them to cover the cervix. You can use a spermicide alongside this method to kill sperm cells.

Hormonal Methods

You can choose hormonal methods to prevent pregnancy, including pills, patches, implants, and vaginal rings. Hormonal methods have a regular period of placement. For instance, you need to take pills daily, place patches weekly, and go for injections every three months. You can also have implants that your doctor places under the skin in the upper arm. Implants may last for four years.

Long-acting Reversible Contraceptives

LARCs involve using an intrauterine device that the doctor places in your uterus to prevent pregnancy. Two forms of IUDs are available, copper and plastic. IUDs are very effective and can last from 3 to years.


You can choose permanent birth control if you are sure you do not want to conceive again in your lifetime. Women can benefit from tubal ligation, which involves blocking and sometimes removing the fallopian tube during surgery. Therefore, sperm cannot reach the egg for implantation. You will still get your periods after tubal ligation because the method only prevents pregnancy. On the other hand, men can choose a vasectomy which involves blocking the scrotum so the body cannot release sperm. The methods are irreversible.

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