For future parents, pregnancy, all through labor and delivery, could be an exciting time, but it could also be stressful and overwhelming at times. Luckily for you, midwives may help with nearly anything from education to medical treatment and are an important part of the delivery team. At Raveco Medical, you can access the best in midwifery care. Certified nurse midwife Jackson Heights, NY Dr. Rachel Cohen delivers individualized, cutting-edge care for women through all life stages, including pregnancy and delivery. Read on to learn more about midwifery care and why you should consider it for yourself as well.

What Exactly Is a Midwife?

Midwives are adequately skilled medical practitioners who assist women through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and even after delivery. Whilst they act as a main contact throughout the process, they collaborate with your obstetrician on required screenings and evaluations and any difficulties that may emerge.

Midwives are a fantastic option for women expecting a low-risk, typical pregnancy. However, an obstetrician might be the ideal choice for women with a high-risk pregnancy, such as those more vulnerable to gestational diabetes or who need an induction.

What Are The Benefits Of Midwifery Care?

1.      Personalized Care

Your midwife concentrates on developing positive relations between women and their caregivers. Dr. Cohen strives to understand you, responds to your concerns, provides you advice, and encourages you. Your provider could also partner with you to develop your desired personalized delivery experience. What’s more, your midwife will steer you during all nine months of pregnancy for regular checkups.

2.      A More Natural Approach

Midwifery is predicated on the notion that conception and delivery are natural, typical phases of women’s lives. Thus, they affirm that you do not need intensive medical care unless you have a health concern or complications with pregnancy.

Moreover, your midwife often tries to provide you with a childbirth experience that fulfills most of your needs. As a result, if you desire a natural approach to prenatal care and childbirth, you might want to select a midwife with similar interests; maintaining everything as naturally as feasible.

3.      Reduced Interventions

Women supported by midwives during labor are likely to have lesser interventions than those assisted by physicians. Understandably so, midwives often partner with women with lower-risk pregnancies. Nonetheless, midwives also have ample time to devote to their patients throughout labor and delivery.

Generally, midwife care is connected to reduced rates of induced labor, medicated deliveries, and C-sections per the American Pregnancy Association. However, midwives also tend to conduct normal prenatal monitoring procedures like an ultrasound.

4.      Medical Support

Suppose you suffer complications that might affect your pregnancy and necessitate expert intervention. In that case, Dr. Cohen can consult one of the skilled OBGYN specialists at Raveco Medical. Midwives work in tandem with OB/GYN professionals to ensure that every patient accesses the best care possible.

If you have considered the advantages and resolved that a licensed nurse-midwife is appropriate for you, you might want to arrange a consultation at Raveco Medical. At this patient-centric practice in Queens, NY, you will find Dr. Rachel Cohen, a highly skilled and experienced midwife. Dr. Cohen will guide you through your pregnancy journey and delivery to ensure that you have a healthy baby and that your physical and mental health remains in check even after childbirth. Call the office or use the online booking tool to get started today.

By Alexander James

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