Aging is an inevitable phase of life that changes your health. One thing you should be sure of when growing old is wrinkles and facial lines. People around you will struggle to identify your facial expressions with these aging signs on your face. Also, your smile will no longer be glowing as it used to be at your younger age. Luckily, if you are living with these troubling aging signs, your answer lies within Houston, TX aesthetic center and wellness spa, which offer botox injections to reclaim your youthful look. Here are the misconceptions about the botox injection that you should never believe.

Botox Is Painful

Many people are fearful, especially of the mention of the insertion of the botox needle on some parts of their skin. The reality is that the specialist will apply the numbing cream on the target area of the skin before receiving the injections to ease any discomfort during the injection. Seeking an expert’s botox treatment will result in little to no cases of bruising after the injection.

Botox Treatments Are Only for Women

The notion that only women can benefit from botox injections has taken root worldwide. This belief breeds from the masculinity feeling and stigma associated with botox for men. However, the reality is that even men can receive this injection to eliminate skin disfigurement, just like women.

It Is Addictive

Some people usually confuse how botox work claiming that it is for the permanent treatments which are addictive. Nevertheless, seeking the injection every five to six months does not imply that you are addicted to this treatment. You only seek the botox injections continuously for the results to remain effective on your treated skin. Skipping the injection appointment can make the wrinkles appear again on the skin.

It Only Addresses the Cosmetic Concerns

The role of botox in eliminating wrinkles has left many people claiming that this treatment is limited to cosmetic issues. However, the reality is that botox injections can help to solve other medical issues. For example, patients with migraines and excessive sweating have benefited from botox injections.

You Will No Longer Have Facial Expressions After Botox Injection

Many believe that once you seek the botox treatment, your face will freeze and become rigid. Nevertheless, the injection relaxes the motion of facial muscles to decelerate the formation of wrinkles in your face. You can only get the frozen face if your health provider administers the excessive dose. Therefore, it is good to seek treatment from an experienced botox practitioner.

Fillers and Botox Are Similar

Some people do not distinguish between the two cosmetic procedures when reclaiming a youthful appearance, although fillers and botox target different skin parts. The botox injections treat the region of the eye or above while the fillers target the area underneath the eye.

The misinformation around the botox injections has left many people to continue living with the aging signs. However, after passing through the above-debunked myths, things are clear now you can seek an effective remedy. Tiffany Su, MD of Skin Shop medSpa, and her skilled team conduct botox injections and other cosmetic procedures for patients struggling with wrinkles and facial lines. Book an online appointment and visit their office in Houston to restore your youthful appearance.

By Alexander James

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