Diabetes is a typical chronic illness that can put your feet and legs at risk of complications like corns, ulcers, and bunions. These problems can be aggravating as you may be prone to disabling infections. If you are managing diabetes, you can consider diabetic foot care Phoenix to manage your diabetic complications.

Diabetes specialists recommend distinct tips to incorporate into your lifestyle to manage your condition effectively. If you follow these tips correctly, you can manage your diabetic foot. The following are the top five recommended tips for diabetic foot care.

Wear Proper Footwear

If you are living with diabetic neuropathy, you should never walk barefoot. Walking barefoot surges the possibility of poor nerve function and foot injury that could indicate you are not aware of walking on something dangerous. Besides, proper footwear prevents you from cold temperatures.

You should wear socks at all times. Besides, you should wear house slippers at home to ensure maximum protection for your feet. Ensure you check your shoes to confirm nothing sensitive can cause injury.

Consult Your Podiatrist Regularly

While calluses appear harmless, they can become a serious complication if you ignore them. Rather than choosing over-the-counter medications, you should see a physician who deals with foot care. The reason is that certain products can worsen your condition and surge the risk of infections.

The podiatrist will evaluate your concern and diagnose by inspecting your feet. The physician will then discuss the result with you. Afterward, the provider will recommend the most effective treatment, including physical therapy and orthotics.

Wear Fitting Shoes

A misfit shoe can contribute to blisters that can become a sore that becomes infected and permanently fails to heal. Sometimes it is hard to notice when an issue is getting worse. Therefore, use better-fitting shoes or use different socks to avoid even the slightest signs of irritation.

However, knowing the right shoes to purchase may be challenging. Hence, you should consult your doctor before making any purchase. Your provider will also help you understand how to maintain these shoes to be durable. 

Manage Your Sugar Levels

The most effective preventative procedure for nerve pain is to manage your diabetes. Controlling your blood glucose decreases your chances of developing signs of burning and tingling if you have diabetes. You can control your blood using rigorous insulin therapy.

The chances of developing tingling and burning symptoms depend on the extent you have had diabetes and how you control it. You can control your glucose levels with exercise, medications, and diet adjustments. So you should consult your healthcare provider to learn about these measures.

Move to Facilitate Good Blood Flow

Because circulation can be a complication, keeping your feet in motion is essential. Jiggle your toes, perform ankle rolls, and pat your feet against the feet. These exercises can significantly foster your blood, thus lowering the effects of slowed circulation.

If you stay for a long time, you should rise and move at regular intervals. On the other hand, if you smoke, you should quit. Chemicals in cigarettes constrict your blood vessels, depriving your feet of oxygenated blood to fight infections.

Diabetic feet can prevent you from carrying out daily activities and reduce your range of motion. Detecting a foot problem early will help your doctor treat it before it worsens. Thus, scheduling a regular appointment with your healthcare provider is a step toward managing your diabetes.

You should see your doctor if you experience pain in your legs, burning, tingling, and thickened toenail. Your provider will recommend measures to incorporate into your lifestyle, including diet and exercise choices, to manage your condition. As a result, you will keep your feet concerns at bay and live an improved life.

By Alexander James

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