A house cannot stand on its own and withstand harsh weather conditions without having strong pillars. In the same case, a person cannot move or do anything tangible without having a complete spine in good condition. Your spine helps in holding your body together and offers stability. However, it is prone to many injuries, and if not handled properly, you may become disabled and unable to move. Sometimes you develop a herniated disc which causes discomfort and unending pain. If you or your family member has struggled with this condition, Hamilton herniated discs specialist has different treatment options to correct your problem. You do not have to struggle or stop your daily duties due to lack of treatment. Here are some treatment options that might help with your condition.

Lifestyle Change

 When you develop a herniated disc, you experience some pinching pain on the spinal nerves and other tissues along the spine. If the problem develops due to your daily job, a lifestyle change can help prevent further injuries and reduce your available symptoms. Lifestyle change consists of changes in your daily activities that trigger your back pain. The doctor may ask you to have frequent bed rests, try losing weight if you are obese, avoid overstressing your body with strenuous work and do some daily exercise to restore your body fitness. Lifestyle change helps minimize further problems that may occur and cause more harm.

Physical Therapy

Most doctors will recommend physical therapy as a primary treatment option before they can proceed with other more involving options. It involves exercising the target areas that support your body to help improve the strength of your spine. It entails movements of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support your spine to strengthen its performance. Therapy also helps increase blood flow to the spine, directing more nutrients to the affected areas to aid healing. Physical therapy also improves your overall body fitness and builds your strength, restoring your spine to normal.


Some people prefer taking medications rather than trying other treatment options, especially if they have unending pain, cannot move, cannot exercise, or have mild injuries that they can handle and only need some medicine. Medications help block pain signals, minimize routine pain, reduce inflammation, and prevent muscle spasms. Medications depend on the pain level; therefore, your doctor will prescribe what suits your condition. Medications may help a patient to avoid surgery by eliminating the symptoms.


Most doctors will try all other options before they can settle for surgery. Your doctor may be forced to perform surgery unless a patient has a severe disc herniation. If you try all other treatment options and still have the same problem, the doctor may opt for surgery to correct the problem or replace your disc. Surgery provides a long-lasting solution but is riskier since it is invasive and a patient takes time to recover. That is why most doctors won’t consider it unless it is necessary.

A herniated disc may lead to discomfort, making you unable to carry out your daily work. Patients struggle with burning pain making their daily life hard. However, some remedies include various treatment options. All may work for you depending on the extent of your problem. You do not have to struggle with pain when you have a remedy closer to you.

By Alexander James

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