When it comes to smoking weed, there are two common methods that people use: smoking and eating edibles, people often have a preference for one over the other, but which is healthier?

First of all, smoking weed has been found to be less effective than eating edibles and has a higher risk of lung cancer, however, edibles can also be dangerous if they’re not prepared correctly.

This article will discuss the differences between the two and help you understand how to make the right choice for your lifestyle needs.

The Differences Between Smoking and Eating Edibles

Smoking weed is the process of burning marijuana so that the smoke can be inhaled, the smoke will then enter the lungs and go directly into the bloodstream. 

This smoking method is often preferred in social settings as it has a quicker response time, it’s more portable, and produces less smell than edibles.

However, smoking weed is not without its downsides, it has been found to have higher risks of lung cancer than eating edibles, it also takes longer for the effects to kick in and lasts for a shorter period of time. 

Additionally, you must be careful about what type of product you are using as certain products may cause other health conditions if not prepared properly.

Eating edibles is another way that people enjoy getting high or feeling the effects of marijuana,  it does not produce any harmful gasses from being burned when smoked like with smoking weed. 

However, there are some problems associated with this method as well, it takes a longer time to feel the desired effects and they last much longer than smoking weed up to 36 hours, this can lead people to eat or drink too many edibles which can lead to serious health implications such as increased heart rate, hallucinations, vomiting, and paranoia among others.

The Benefits of Smoking Weed

It is a great way to get high quickly, and it has been found to be less effective than eating edibles, but the effects are more immediate.

It’s also a popular choice among those who want to avoid an intense feeling of fullness that can come with eating edibles.

The Benefits of Eating Edibles

Eating it is healthier than smoking because it won’t damage your lungs, they are also great for those who can’t smoke or want to avoid the smell of weed.

Additionally, they are effective faster and produce a stronger high, this means that if you’re a regular smoker, eating edibles would be more efficient for you than smoking them and if you don’t time the effects well, then you could end up too high too soon.

Eating edibles allows the THC to be absorbed into your system much quicker, which provides a more intense experience than when smoked. 

You also have control over how much THC is in each serving of an edible by controlling the amount of weed used in its preparation, this ensures that you’re not overdoing it on your first try and gives you a chance to try out different doses without going through as many highs and lows as with smoking.

Another benefit of eating edibles is that they won’t make you smell like weed when consumed, smoking disturbs everyone around you so it’s not ideal if you’re trying to remain discreet with your habit. 

These benefits make eating edibles an easy choice for those who want to take their smoking habits outside or who don’t enjoy smelling like pot all day long.

Health Benefits of Weed edibles: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Wonders of Cannabis

Weed is also known as cannabis or marijuana. It’s a green and brown plant that can be smoked in a pipe, bong, joint, or vaporizer, there are many different strains of weed with different effects. Weed has been used for centuries to treat illnesses and pain.

What are the benefits of weed edibles?

1. You can control your high

Edibles offer a less intense high than smoking or vaping weed, so it’s great for those who don’t like the sensation of smoking cannabis. 

If you’re new to using cannabis, edibles are a good way to test the waters before moving onto other methods, they also take longer to kick in usually about an hour, and will last for about six hours. 

2. You get more milligrams

A typical joint has between 0-30 milligrams depending on how much you rolled, while most edibles have 100-200 milligrams per serving size as they are made with concentrated cannabis flowers and leaves, that means eating an edible will result in a stronger high than joints or blunts would give you.

3. They’re healthier

Smoking any plant material is going to release carcinogens which could potentially lead to lung problems down the line, but there’s no risk of that when eating an edible because all the ingredients are cooked together into some sort of food before being consumed. 

It’s also absorbed through your stomach instead of your lungs so it goes straight into your bloodstream and gets processed by your liver whereas inhaling it sends it straight into your lungs and then up into your brain resulting in quick absorption with immediate effects. 

It also provides more health benefits than smoking/vaping because weed-infused foods contain cancer-fighting

There are six health benefits of cannabis edibles, but these aren’t all about just getting high! Edibles can help with:

1.) Stress relief

2.) Inflammation relief

3.) Pain relief

4.) Appetite stimulation

5.) Depression relief

6.) Sleep aid

The health benefits

Many people consume edibles, instead of smoking or vaping, because they offer a less intense high and take longer to take effect, they are also a great way to enjoy weed without having to smoke or vape.

Cannabis edibles have many health benefits that you wouldn’t get from smoking or vaping weed. Here are six health benefits of cannabis edibles:

1) Eating cannabis is the safest option for pregnant women.

2) Edibles don’t give off any second-hand smoke so you can stay healthy when you’re around other people who are smoking weed.

3) Consuming cannabis orally will give you an increased appetite, which is beneficial for those with AIDS or other illnesses that cause weight loss.

4) Cannabis edibles don’t cause as many withdrawal symptoms as smoking weed does so it’s easier to quit marijuana if you need to, especially if your goal is complete sobriety.

5) Cannabis edibles are a healthier alternative than alcohol because they won’t leave you with a hangover, they also won’t hurt your liver because they don’t contain any toxins as alcohol does.

6) Ingesting cannabis can create an antiemetic effect that prevents nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy treatments and alternate medications like opioids and steroids.

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.