Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is a minimally invasive procedure to diminish the stomach’s size. Globally, sleeve gastrectomy is currently the most eminent weight loss surgery. This article will cover everything regarding the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery.

About gastric sleeve surgery

The surgeons, during a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, take out a portion of the patient’s stomach to make it smaller. This procedure is performed by using tiny instruments and a camera inserted through some small incisions. The patients tend to lose appetite with a smaller stomach. Moreover, the surgery is linked with hormone alterations which result in reduced appetite.

Why most obese patients choose this procedure?

Gastric sleeve procedure has been established to be much more efficient as compared to lap band surgery. Plus, it does not need placement of a foreign mechanism or needle adjustments the lap band does. Sleeve gastrectomy is nearly as helpful as a gastric bypass that has long-term complications which the sleeve doesn’t have.

What are the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery?

Following are the top benefits of sleeve gastrectomy:

  1. People after a sleeve gastrectomy reduce around 60 to 70 percent of their additional weight.
  2. Besides, many clinical reports have revealed that gastric sleeve is very efficient at curing and even causing the diminution of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, and other obesity-linked conditions.
  3. The revival after this surgery is pretty fast. The patients can expect to walk right after the operation day. Firstly, there might be some soreness around the incisions, but this is cured with pain medications and usually resolves within a couple of days.
  4. The risks of ulcer expansion are lessened than with the gastric bypass procedure. As well, the patient does not endure dumping syndrome after sleeve gastrectomy since the stomach outlet stays unbroken.

Complications in the post-op period

There are numerous things you should know about VSG surgery. Like any other weight loss surgery, a gastric sleeve can bring many risks and complications. It is vital to have specific details about these risks before you decide on this type of surgery. The occurrence of complications during the post-op period depends on the health status of the patient. Here are some of these complications:

  1. Possibility of gastritis, heartburn, and stomach ulcers after the surgery.
  2. Leaking of digestive content that can cause infection.
  3. Strenuous bowel movement during the post-op period.

Neighbouring organs getting harmed during the operation.