Mental health and behavioral health are joined for anthem substance abusecoverage. Behavioral Health Care Managers are specialized in creating coordinated care that integrates physical and mental healthcare services for a more unified approach to health.Behavioral health is an important component oftotal health. Our bodies and minds work as one.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield are offering mental health and substance abuse benefits as part of medical plans. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Behavioral Health programs have all the advantages of specialty expertise plus an integrated approach to care. Having mental health and substance abuse benefits are key to employees and their dependents when they need help for eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and drug and alcohol dependence.

Features Of Anthem Substance Abuse Coverage

This integrated design provides unique coordination of care with our robust medical plans a complete package of care. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s technology results in coordinated care management for both medical and behavioral health care, because most people don’t see their physical health and their mental health as separate and neither do we. Shared platforms link to both Health Improvement and Pharmacy programs. It is making get care easier from one trusted source for all health care needs. There are some  featuresof anthem substance abuse coveragethe following:

  • This is accessing to a specialty network of Behavioral Health providers, including physicians and therapists
  • This is accessing to contracted facilities, including both acute care and free-standing specialty hospitals
  • Utilization management by licensed experienced Care Managers
  • Review for facility-based mental health and substance abuse treatment, using research-based medical necessity criteria for all levels of care and age ranges
  • NCQA criteria-credentialed network, including programs for partial, intensive outpatient and residential treatment
  • As the nation’s 2nd largest health plan-owned behavioral health company serving more than 13.8 million members, we provide choice, innovation, and access.

By Alexander James

Beau Alexander James: Beau, a mental health advocate, shares personal stories, coping strategies, and promotes mental health awareness and understanding.