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Both kinds of milk are superb resources of calcium as well as magnesium needed for expanding bones as well as teeth and healthy and balanced hearts. 

  • UHT: Ultra High Temperature. The milk is warmed up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit for two seconds in a few countries. In other countries, the milk is warmed to 150 degrees Celsius for five seconds. This suspends or eliminates all hazardous microbes.
  • Pasteurization: Fresh milk is warmed up to 70-75 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds. This process, just like Uht milk [นม UHT, which is the term in Thai], eliminates all unsafe microorganisms, such as Brucella abortus, salmonella, toxoplasmosis, as well as a whole host of various other pests that can cause digestive distress or worse.
  • Microfiltration: During this procedure, milk is traveled through super-sophisticated membranes that have the ability to get rid of more than 99 percent of the unsafe microorganisms. The staying one percent is then warmth treated to effectively eliminate the contaminants. This procedure, which is gradually being embraced by the food as well as drink industry, appears to be able to generate an item that is secure, has a longer life span than fresh milk, and due to the fact that very little heat is used, requires less alteration of the nutrients as well as taste. 

What happens to the nutrients in UHT as well as pasteurized milk?

The calcium, as well as various other minerals such as magnesium as well as potassium in milk, are not modified by either procedure. Both kinds of milk are still great sources of magnesium as well as calcium required for growing bones as well as teeth and also healthy and balanced hearts.

Vitamins are a bit extra breakable than minerals, especially the water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and B vitamins, such as niacin, riboflavin, as well as pyridoxine. These vitamins are influenced by the warm treatment of both processes in equivalent quantities.

By Alexander James

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