What does CBD oil mean?

Cannabis Sativa is a plant species known for the variations of Marijuana and Hemp. From these Marijuana and Hemp, many cannabinoid compounds can be extracted. One such by-product of Marijuana or Hemp plants is CBD oil. CBD oil is capable of providing various health benefits for humans and some animals like dogs. Many dog owners are looking for CBD products to treat their dog’s health issues. Humans can also treat various issues with CBD oil. If you are based out of Toronto, you can check for CBD oil Toronto to get to a list of CBD providers in your locality. Since there are some restrictions on the use of Cannabis products in some areas, you should check for the make of the products you buy. If they were from regions with less standard of CBD extractions, the quality of the oil may be less. Also, you should look for some other factors before buying a CBD product. You should consider the extraction process of CBD oil. The different processes of extraction are listed below.

Natural or Organic solvent extraction – The CBD oil will come from Hemp plants with the help of solvents that are available naturally like olive oil. These products will not leave any toxic residue in the end product. So, you can consider CBD oil from this type of extraction.

Inorganic solvent extraction – It is similar to the process explained above. But the solvent used will be inorganic. Some of the solvents are petroleum, butane, and propane. These compounds are capable of leaving toxic substances in the by-product as a result of extraction. 

Supercritical Carbon dioxide extraction – It is the safest extraction method available to produce CBD oil. In this process, supercritical carbon dioxide will separate the CBD oil from the hemp plant without the use of chemicals. Since no chemicals are used, these products are harmless for intake. 

Benefits of CBD oils 

CBD oils can help in a variety of health issues. Some of them are listed below.

Pain relief – Body pain is experienced when there is a lack of production of endocannabinoid that is responsible for the regulation of activities like pain, sleep, etc. The intake of CBD oil will provide induction of endocannabinoid and will provide pain relief. 

Reduction of cancer symptoms – Several drugs will help to reduce the symptoms of cancer. But these drugs are showing several side effects to the patients like vomiting and nausea because of chemotherapy. Some researchers have reported that the use of CBD can reduce cancer symptoms without any side effects. 

Reduce anxiety and depression –You can use CBD oils to reduce anxiety and depression. Since CBD oil is capable of interacting with the nervous system, the possibilities of depression and anxiety will be reduced without any side effects. The production of Serotonin hormone will reduce depression. Like the use of CBD oil on humans, some researches claim that these CBD products can also help with solving anxiety and depression issues with animals like dogs. 

By Alexander James

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